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Potty Training

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    I have two questions:

    1) How do you balance potty training in school v. getting pulled out of the classroom? While I know it’s important to potty train, I also want to make sure my child’s team balances that against the loss of therapy time or academic time, especially if potty training takes a long time. Advice?

    2) I heard about someone getting diapers reimbursed by insurance. Anyone know anything about this?

    Thank you!


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    Tammy1234 – thank you for your reply. I’m glad to hear school was so supportive. Does anyone else have stories to share about how school helped with potty training?



    If possible, break it down into small steps, such as assisting with pulling down pants or pulling up pants. Some kids need picture symbols for each and every step, so that they know the steps.



    My son was 6 years old when we started potty training. He was in a self-contained special class. It took a long while maybe almost 6 months, as he had many behavior temper tantrums. He is also very sensory delayed. It didn’t bother him to be in diapers. He had a great teacher who initiated this in her classroom. Of course there is a bathroom in her classroom. My son worked for applesauce and stickers. He also liked to please his teacher. I just followed her reward system at home. Maybe you can have this skill written into your child’s IEP as potty training is a part of daily living skills like dressing.


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    Any advice on potty training a child with Special Needs? We’ve tried all the ‘typical strategies’ that worked for my other kids. Are there any books or resources available?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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