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This Beautiful, Six Year Old Girl Was Told, “Your Ears Are Broken”. You Won’t Believe Her Response!

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Peyton’s Mom shared her story with Shared Abilities:

“Peyton is a 6 yr old little girl with a very rare (1 of 7) syndrome called Hypertelorism Microtia Clefting syndrome. She is completely deaf and has several facial abnormalities as well as pituitary dwarfism. We have had people say things about her all her life like “why does she look weird?” And “what’s wrong with her?”.

As a parent it’s hard to explain her challenges without being rude because some people say things out of ignorance, some out of mere curiosity, and others just don’t know how simple wording of a question can be taken. Recently Peyton has started understanding that she is not the same as everyone else.

She had a child tell her, “Your ears are broken”.

Peyton looked to her dad and asked “why are my ears broken?”, which is very heartbreaking for a parent to tell your child they aren’t broken, just special. For now that sufficed and she was okay with that answer.

We posted a picture on a Facebook page called ‘I Run for Michael’ and had over 2400 likes and 800+ comments on how beautiful she was.

After reading all the comments she was so excited that she had special fairy ears!!! She wanted everyone to see her fairy ears.

Typewriter Art

For now she is beyond happy of who she is and what she looks like. If we can all teach and educate others through silly little things like fairy ears, these special kids will never feel insufficient or “different”! They will see how truly special they really are!”

We think you are a beautiful, strong girl, Peyton!!!  And we LOVE your fairy ears!!!

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